Our Expertise

IoT technologies

Indie-GEO develops sensors and other electronic measuring tools with the pertaining firmwares for environmental monitoring. Our gadgets are mounted with transceivers for the narrow-band communication and different additional modules can be added for various purposes including the ultra-sound measurement of the water-level and the accurate evaluation of air humidity.

Environmental wireless sensor applications

The novel solutions of Indie-GEO can provide both public and private clients with high resolution hydrometeorological and vegetation data that can facilitate the more sophisticated and efficient use of the urban environmental resources. Thus, it will create relevant benefits, cost reduction and saved time for all sort of end-users, public and private clients, citizens and municipalities. The wireless hydrometeorological sensor system can provide real-time information on substantial urban climatological aspects, such as air temperature and quality, soil moisture content, ground water level, inland excess water, etc.

GIS Analyses 

Indie-GEO’s expertise covers all the main applications of GIS Analyses from software development to database management, web services and data visualization. The main clients of our company are local municipalities, transportation planners and further end users of cadastral services.

Remote sensing 

drone data processing, hyperspectral, lidar, cadastral, bulk image data processing of Sentinel images. The scope of Indie-GEO’s experience spans from the cadastral application of high resolution LiDAR and hyperspectral aerial photography to the bulk-processing of satellite images for various environmental analyses. Our company has also developed its state-of-the-art system for the integration of the data gathered from wireless groundwater and hydrometeorological sensors as well as satellite and drone platforms.

Technical Consultancy 

Our team was involved in some of the technical assessment and user support activities of the European Commission’s Galileo and Copernicus satellite programs and contributed not only to procurements for DG GROW but also to numerous Horizon2020 projects. The focus of Indie-GEO’s work is on the business planning and competitor analyses of earth observation and other downstream services.

Machine Learning Development

Indie-GEO boasts firm experience with the development of statistical tools, including database management, advanced image processing, modelling and neural network algorithms.